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spacehealer − nooloo wntr 2033
dj mix (2022), 79 mins, added Feb 13 '23


nooloo is a hypothetical planet that some scientists speculate may exist outside our solar system. from what we know so far, it is an icy world with almost no atmosphere. there is no evidence of life on this planet, but some scientists speculate that there may be sources of water and carbon dioxide on this planet. we have only seen images of planet zero during nasa's zero-g missions and space exploration. however, it remains a mystery what this planet actually looks like. such a legend was created by spacehealer. because he invented this planet and its world as a child in his dreams.

this wonderful mix will transport you to this planet.
it's made of the brightest and most wonderful tracks and sounds.
such masters as steve roach, alio die, boris devider and other great masters of magic ambient and idm.