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Helsinki, Moscow(2), Mairena del Aljarafe, Nizhny Tagil, Berlin, St Petersburg, Chisinau, Utrecht(5), Riga, Liverpool, Frankfurt am Main, Belgrade, Kharkiv, Nivelle, Odessa.

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O_oleaf icoCan you remove this monotonous dark techno garbage
O_oleaf icowinter in june - campfire stories 32 solstitium
O_oleaf icoIt's so annoyingly boringly repetitive
O_oleaf icoBTW, can the Verdure playlist be setup to play from track/0000 to whatever's most recent? Just play them all in a row... So we don't have to hear the same mixes so often. It seems at least once a week for each mix.
O_oleaf icoI wish there was a skip to the next mix button/option
6X  Как супчик по вкусу?
Flo  Ayde, Varnaaaaa
alchimia.novaleaf icoi love this episode
alchimia.novaleaf icowhere can I find this mix on internet ?
d.a  @alchimia.nova you can find one in vk
ak-rawleaf icopling