idmdeepambient radio verdure_station
endless flower stream
Miami, Los Angeles, Moscow(2), Kharkiv, Nikaia, Minsk, Saint-Constant, Berlin, Nizhny Tagil, Yaroslavl, Turin, Jona, Tallinn, Falkenstein, Chisinau.

wa wu we − 108 dimension of green
cd mixed (2020), 103 mins, added Mar 27 '22

01 in the presence of the sun
02 the grip of the frost release itself
03 into a dance of the early morning fog
04 ever moving in uncertainty
05 within light and shadows
06 clarity is born as we dissolve
07 indra's kiss
08 opens the door
09 where colors are the birds
10 the 108 dimensions of green
11 are dancing like the spider and the snake
12 moon is breathing as
13 the spotless mind
14 and the drowned sea
15 reflections on the silent surface
16 of the morning lake
17 the one eye sing
18 a sudden song of eternity