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the grass is always greener on the darkside
Steenbergen(2), Falkenstein(3), Miami, Moscow(2), Kharkiv, Murmansk, Saint Petersburg(2), Lahti, Kirov, Krasnodar, Annecy, Salekhard, Nizhny Tagil, Kyiv, Jedlicze, Munich, Turin, Odintsovo.

spilt silo − ambient sessions 07
dj mix (2015), 55 mins, added Oct 13 '17

01 spilt silo - notes about nothing + sample of gerald heard discussing the first experimental discoveries of lsd
02 spilt silo - escaping daybreak
03 spilt silo - thunderstorm building + sample conversation of patient on lsd in the 1950’s.
04 spilt silo - clouds dissipating
05 spilt silo - dubblevision
06 spilt silo - tomorrow with pass