idmdeepambient radio verdure_station
Roosendaal, Paris(2), Frankfurt am Main, Miami, Oberhausen, Brussels, Moscow(3), Kharkiv, Copenhagen, Torre del Campo, Izhevsk, Smolensk, Nizhny Tagil(2), Saint Petersburg(2), Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, Voronezh, Petrozavodsk, London.

biosphere − wireless live at the arnolfini
live (2009), 62 mins, added May 16 '17

01 pneuma
02 shenzou
03 birds fly by flapping their wings
04 kobresia
05 when i leave
06 warmed by the drift
07 the things i tell you
08 moistened and dried
09 sherbrooke
10 calais ferryport
11 pneuma II