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tune in turn on and drop out
Berlin, Izhevsk(2), Kazan’, Kharkiv, Moscow(4), London, St Petersburg(2), Copenhagen, Novosibirsk, Oberdorla, Ljubljana.

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SiNgUlIbRiUmleaf icoAnd when the message is received, the body responds with an involuntary movement, a vibration, a feeling…
SiNgUlIbRiUmleaf icoIf you let it flow, it will carry you!
SiNgUlIbRiUmleaf icoWhen the rhythm of the dancer music is intoned with the sound of the Universe and the Earth vibration, the mystical dancer has reached its peak…
SiNgUlIbRiUmleaf icoThe dance of life in its beautiful expression creates the question that steers the journey, when the dancer is lost and only the dance remains!
Johnie  Dancer is not lost (he's just in other place :)).
я был в лесуleaf ico@karsonito thanks!
IvaNava  Iz kakogo filma eti slova pro kimono. Mojet ktoto znaet?
Johnie  kakie slova?
chelmleaf icoуютно
chelmleaf icoкак же хорошо
chelmleaf icoвеер цветов. очень красиво
Mr.grimleaf icoвеет жаром