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Saint-Fabien-de-Panet, Los Angeles, Nizhny Novgorod, Busto Arsizio, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Izhevsk, Lipetsk.

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Roy Batty  The site timer is off by like an hour for which song/track is playing
Roy Batty  Or the tracklist is incorrect
allenov.dsleaf icowow! неужели Orbital в эфире, вот это сюрприз! :)
Roy Batty  Request: Add more D-Pulse mixes
Roy Batty  The. Ix
Roy Batty  The mix playing now 1114, is not listed in Lineup for me...
BadSpirit  кончаюююю
di.leaf iconew mix by zahadoom:
di.leaf icobodrij chill )))
Johnie  yeeeeeee
Johnie  love verdure love
Roy Batty  2298... Why? It's so monotonous. It's like a drum machine on a 1 bar loop