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Singapore, Irvine, Tula, Kiev, Vyshneve, Moscow, Simferopol', Berlin, Punta Cana, Prague, Pelasyia, Vologda.

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syntaxys0dllleaf icoi love Brian Eno
syntaxys0dllleaf icoкак хлеб любит масло
di.leaf ico psychillу братве в хату )
di.leaf icoтут можно скачать если что:
ak-rawleaf icomoar brian eno
ak-rawleaf icowooohoooo
ak-rawleaf icokhoroshow
ucedsooleaf icothis station is amazing
я был в лесуleaf icoyeah, bandcamp and mixcloud added to the profile for editing
di.leaf iconischtyak!
Roy Batty  I enjoy a lot of Brian Eno's music but that Discreet Music album is just way too repetitive and it reminds me of a comedy record song I heard as a kid, I think
Roy Batty  how can i get a track list for this" gespleu − how to destroy memories