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Moscow(4), Saint Petersburg, Ruovesi, Prague, Sainte-Euphemie-sur-Riviere-du-Sud, Paris, Irvine, Tallinn, Blomberg, Bologna, Krasnoyarsk(2), Zurich, St Louis, Ashburn, Minsk, Ablon, Surgut, Izhevsk(2), Mazeikiai, Nieuwpoort.

earlier  later
nalin  good mornig
L25  are u hacked? Get no sound from the radio and I need to visit your page under because under the regular addresse comes a totally other webpage!?
я был в лесуleaf icono, we are ok. just some kind of server/os upgrades
EsrefBerkTurkogluleaf icoanother december with verdure :)
Trump  I own Russia
Roy Batty  May I suggest a daytime mode for the look/font color? It's hard to read text with grey on black
я был в лесуleaf icosend your mockup to
Roy Batty  i also wish when i click lineup, then press back key, it took me back to this tab, versus the previous website my browser was on
Roy Batty  is any logia talks spoken in English?
Roy Batty  have you considered added an IRC chat optiion like this
bioboxleaf ico@EsrefBerkTurkoglu nice to see u, again
azatgaripovleaf icoо каком irc можно говорить когда есть бот в телеграме