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O_oleaf icoIt's about an hour out of sync
O_oleaf icoThis has happened before, months ago
O_oleaf icoSo the track playing is not what Lineup tab shows as current.
O_oleaf icoAphex Twin #3 is played daily as much as I #2
O_oleaf icoLike 1 to 3 times per day
O_oleaf icoThe Lineup is still showing about an hour behind what is playing live.
O_oleaf icoLineup seems fixed now. BTW, it was out of sync on multiple devices. So some issue was resolved on the website.
O_oleaf icoMix 806 link is dead...
O_oleaf icoAnyway to DL this mix playing #806
skv_zapleaf icoурарумммммммм.........
skv_zapleaf icoЧто-то давно Don Peyot не слышно...)))