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Izhevsk, Sofia, Novosibirsk(2), Kharkiv, Plzen, Sergiyev Posad(2), Málaga, Luhansk, Haarlem, Pančevo, Nizhny Tagil, Saint Petersburg(2), Mazeikiai, Krasnoyarsk, Tver, San Giorgio Di Piano, Zaporizhia, Kirov, Samara, Emdrup, Magadan, Minsk, Rome, Moscow(2), Ulyanovsk, Gunzenhausen.

triames − ambient sessions 06
dj mix (2015), 46 mins, added Aug 7 '15

there`s no tracklist, it`s just a collection of patches, sounds and effects that played well together, performed and tweaked live, which is how i like to play ambient and drone sets: with no particular tracks or sections in mind, just a constant flow of sound.